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“How to” support, for “Do It Yourself” home repair, remodeling or updating projects!

We will collaborate on your ideas and designs of your project


Interior and exterior repair, remodeling or updating. Expert advice of “why and how” to help you get professional results!

Information based on Universal Building Code and industry standards


Information on permits (if required), environmental testing, demolition, carpentry, finishes,  proper disposal of debris, and more.



Products, materials suppliers, subcontractors, and references that professionals use! Ask the right questions and understand the process requirements.

About DIY Consulting Services, LLC

Meet John Henry

I’m John Henry Bootzin, licensed and bonded General Contractor (CBB #231780) and former Realtor, with over 40 years experience in residential remodeling, repair, restoration and updating. I help homeowners get professional results from their DIY projects.

Want to save money and do it yourself, but need that little extra guidance and support from someone who has done it all? Give me a call.

I offer creative solutions, with an eye on aesthetics, as well as saving money. I’ll consult with you on your project, and help make sure you complete your project safely.

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Ask every question you have about your project: remodel, renovation, updating, and more.

Get professional help to keep your project on track and achieve professional results – without the price of hiring a professional to do the work.

Up to two-hours of consultation for only $149. Schedule today! Additional consultation available in 15 minute increments.

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