Before You Buy or Sell A Home

Guided DIY Tips

Ready to buy or sell a home?


Check out these tips to help improve the value of your home before you sell.

Before Listing A Home For Sale


  • Suggest repairs or updating that could maximize selling potential.
  • Identify issues that may come up in a buyer’s structural inspections, so issues can be addressed prior to listing.
    (Your home may have some issues you may not know about).
  • Provide approximate estimates for issues the customer decides to address.

When Previewing Homes of Interest:


  • Identify repair issues that may need attention that the seller may not be aware of, or has not disclosed.
  • Provide approximate estimates for updating or remodeling (kitchen or bathroom updating or finishing a basement) to help buyers make educated decisions.
  • Provide suggestions, answers and approximate estimates for action items, noted in structural inspector’s report.

New Homeowner 101

Make and keep your home safe and healthy. Learn many important elements about your home you may or may not know about!

  • Inform homeowners of important elements about their home. For example: how to turn off water or gas to the house, rainwater collection, routing and landscape considerations to help insure home’s structural integrity and safety.
  • Important maintenance timelines: Furnace filters replacement, gutters and rain runoff, caulking, painting, treating roof moss, trees too close to the home, etc. Updating for security, privacy, efficiency.
  • Building forensics: Why certain things are going on to cause cracking, leaning, leaking, etc.

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