Before You Buy or Sell A Home

Guided DIY Tips

Ready to buy or sell a home?


Check out these tips to help improve the value of your home before you sell.

Before You Sell


  • Curb appeal: Trim bushes or trees that obscure front of house or cover windows.
  • Scrape peeling paint and repaint. Re-nail or replace loose siding, fascia and soffit boards. Scrape peeling paint and repaint.
  • Roof: Age of the roof? Moss removal.
  • Yards: Define flower beds by adding bark chips or shredded bark. Remove any dead trees or bushes. Trim or thin overgrown trees.
  • Pick up all garden tools and dog droppings. Clear out old picnic tables, toys, old bikes, mowers, dead vehicles, boats, etc.
  • Power wash siding, decks or sidewalks to rid of moss and dirt.
  • Replace rotted deck boards. Oil or paint deck and railings
  • Repair or replace doorbell button and light fixtures. Make sure doorbell works.


  • Wash walls and baseboards; especially around light switches, and height of kid’s hands and dogs.
  • Patch holes in walls or ceilings.
  • Replace any missing light fixture glass covers, or switch plates.
  • Consider installing new, inexpensive, neutral color flooring, if needed.


  • Clean stove, oven and range hood and walls. Check exhaust fan and light, for proper operation. Replace burner drip pans if old ones are rusty or can’t be cleaned.
  • Clean inside/outside of refrigerator and freezer. Replace missing or burned out light bulbs.
  • Clean walls, light fixture glass, backsplash, cabinet doors, inside cabinets.
  • Remove as much personal taste decor as possible; spoon or plate collections, multiple canister sets, wall hangings, kid’s art, etc.
  • Empty cabinets and shelves, as much as possible.
  • Wash floor and baseboards.
  • Replace leaky faucets with inexpensive new shiny ones. Clean sink, counters, and backsplash. If kitchen sink is chipped or looks bad, replace it with inexpensive stainless steel sink. Add kitchen sink rug.


  • Clean out as much personal stuff as possible from walls, cabinets, shower/bathtub.
  • Clean tile or tub surround, walls, sills, and sink, so it has NO mold or mildew.
  • Dig out old caulking around tub or sink, and re-caulk if necessary. Replace any missing light fixture glass or light bulbs.
  • Replace broken mirrors, cabinet doors, handles.
  • Repair or replace leaky tub or sink faucet.
  • Replace shower curtain if it’s moldy.
  • Clean glass shower doors to remove soap scum and hard water deposits.

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