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Before Listing A Home For Sale


Be More Confident when Selling Your Home


Selling a home can be a stressful process. Many factors play into getting the best price for what is your most valuable asset; location, comparable homes for sale, required or deferred maintenance, and much more.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an expert in addition to your real estate agent to help you limit your expenses and maximize the potential return by making your house look its best? Someone with real-world experience to help you make the best decisions about getting your house market ready? Someone with your best interests in mind?

Look no further than John Henry Bootzin and DIY Consulting Services, LLC.

With a long background in General Contracting and real estate sales, John Henry consults with sellers and their real estate agent about important home repair and updating decisions – what to fix or update, and what to leave alone.

John Henry understands what buyers look for in a home and has expert knowledge on updates that have the most return on investment, and those items best left as-is.

Consulting with John Henry and DIY Consulting Services, LLC prior to listing your home can help you make smart decisions on updates and repairs, so you only invest in things that have the highest rate of return.

You’ll gain an understanding of issues you may be able to fix yourself (DIY!), and which items are best left to professionals, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions about making repairs and updates that will increase the value of your home.

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When Previewing Homes of Interest:


Be More Confident About Your Home Buying Decisions


Purchasing a home is a huge investment, both emotionally and financially. Finding the right home can be a long and time consuming process. Knowledgeable real estate agents are important to help you be confident you are making the right purchase choices. But what about repairs or updating costs, or other issues regarding the physical conditions that are not apparent? What costs would be involved to address them? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an additional expert available who can help you determine what home repairs or updating needs and costs would be, prior to making an offer? Or understand possible associated costs when addressing those issues later in the inspection process?

Now you can! John Henry Bootzin and DIY Consulting Services, LLC can help you make informed decisions about the home’s condition BEFORE you make an offer.

John Henry is a former General Contractor and real estate agent who knows how to evaluate a home’s physical condition and understands what may be happening “under the hood.”

John Henry helps buyers determine which home repairs may be necessary now or in the future, and what you may be able to do yourself vs. hiring professionals. Understanding the potential cost of repairs or updating may help you feel more informed when deciding to write an offer. After all, it’s the biggest purchase of your life.

Ready to be more confident about your home buying decisions?

Homeowner 101

Make and keep your home safe and healthy. Learn many important elements about your home you may or may not know about!

  • Inform homeowners of important elements about their home. For example: how to turn off water or gas to the house, rainwater collection, routing and landscape considerations to help insure home’s structural integrity and safety.
  • Important maintenance timelines: Furnace filters replacement, gutters and rain runoff, caulking, painting, treating roof moss, trees too close to the home, etc. Updating for security, privacy, energy efficiency.
  • Building forensics: Why certain things are going on to cause cracking, leaning, leaking, etc.

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